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Hydrilla Weed Killer

Hydrilla Weed Killer

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Hydrilla Aquatic Weed Killer Application

The Hydrilla Problem - the season is coming!!!!

  • Hydrilla can take over your lake and choke out all other vegetation.
  • A man drowned in Lake Austin, Texas due to this aquatic weed.
  • Hydrilla Verticillata can clog your boat or jetski intake and cause the motor to overheat.
  • Having a hydrilla control problem can lower your property value by making your water unusable.
  • This creeping aquatic weeds growth rate is up to an inch a day!

Hydrilla Weed Control Solution

If you are tired of this aquatic weed problem and want to take matters in your own hands you are at the right place. Our Hydrilla Weed Killer product:
  • can be applied with a hand sprayer.
  • treated water can be used for swimming, domestic uses and livestock watering immediately after chemical application.
  • is far less corrosive to equipment and other metal surfaces than other chelated copper weed killer compounds.
  • water from treated lakes, ponds, irrigation systems and golf course water hazards may be used to irrigate turf, fairways, putting greens and ornamental plants.
  • fish can be caught and consumed immediately after application.
  • can be applied to flowing water using a continuous delivery drip system. It has been used effectively in trout raceways and irrigation canals.
  • is U.S.E.P.A. registered for use in drinking water reservoirs, farm fish and industrial ponds, golf course water hazards, lakes, fish hatcheries and raceways, irrigation water conveyance systems such as canals, laterals and ditches.

Spray right into water. The weed killer is heavier than water and will sink to the bottom to get to the roots, (tubers). Use a pump sprayer that you can get from any hardware store. You will see results in less than 2 weeks with out Hydrilla Weed Killer.

Our product is very popular in lakes in the Southern States

Order Hydrilla Weed Killer

Make sure you check with your local authorities aquatic weed control regulations.
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